Reinforcement of existing structures
Deteriorated glue laminated tudor
arch amputation
Failed tension member (Bottom Chord) - Modified bow string truss
Structural shoring services
Epoxy injection and re-lamination
Field Inspection Services
Furnish & install glue laminated structures

Project Congregations Sons of Israel Project Villa Maria Academy



Project: Congregations Sons of Israel - Upper Nyack , NY

Structural repair of deteriorated 50’ Glue Laminated Tudor Arches. Dajon was able to keep the facility opened and operational. Note: the facility continued to host all weekend services as well as funerals and celebrations. There was no loss of business. Dajon acted as a general contractor handling all masonry, miscellaneous carpentry and plumbing obstructions.

Picture 1 - 20K Shoring Tower supports peak connection.  
Picture 2 - 20K Shoring Tower supports deteriorated arch les at amputation.
Picture 3 - Tudor arch is cut to height of new built steel shoe. Initial holes are drilled .

Picture 4 - New built up steel shoe is removed and shear plates are installed to strengthen connection.

Picture 5 - Steel shoe is once again installed after shear plating is completed.

Picture 6 - Care is taken to align all the fabricated holes.

Picture 7 - New steel shoe is bolted and shoring is removed.

Picture 8 - Dajon employee field fabricates the new built up steel shoe.








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