Reinforcement of existing structures
Deteriorated glue laminated tudor arch amputation
Failed tension member (Bottom Chord) - Modified bow string truss
Structural shoring services
Epoxy injection and re-lamination
Field Inspection Services
Furnish & install glue laminated structures


Project: Ginsberg Pavillion


Picture 4- Ginsberg Pavillion- Mohegan Lake , NY
- Exposed exterior buttress arch with significant decay at the base connection up to 5’.

Picture 5- Ginsberg Pavillion- Mohegan Lake , NY
- Deteriorated laminations of existing glue laminated arch are removed and replaced with new laminating stock like size southern yellow pine laminations.

Picture 6- Ginsberg Pavillion- Mohegan Lake , NY
- Final product after re-lamination and epoxy injection repair. All surfaces are sanded and finished with an exterior grade urethane.








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